About us

ABOUT THE BRAND JENNY PARK was launched in Seoul in 2011 by Jenny Eunsol Park. Since its start with a line of cashmere sweaters, it has expanded to a wide range of ready-to-wear collection. JENNY PARK reflects a sense of relaxed sophistication, rooted in and focusing on the delicate quality of cashmere and natural fiber. Each collection supports wardrobe for refined yet effortlessly comfortable style.

 WHY WE LOVE CASHMERE We believe that cashmere is truly an attractive material that has both functional and aesthetic values. A cashmere sweater's softness, high insulation and featherweight lightness make people keep reaching out for it over and over, also making cashmere one of the most valuable fibers. Cashmere is a must-have luxury. Once experienced, you would never go back to other materials.